In the Press – Cheltenham Festival 2015

Coverage in local and national press for Sharper Millinery at The Cheltenham Festival has been fantastic thanks to the very stylish Debbie Grogan, Racquel Campbell, Nina Blakemore and Lystra Adams.


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The press went wild for these stand out pieces!
As a milliner that creates everything from scratch clients can have whatever they feel will work for them.
There is no pre made bases to add flowers to, or untrimmed hats purchased from China everything is created by hand. This also means that all of my hats and headpieces are hand stitched with a needle and thread (and a very trusty thimble!) I occasionally use a machine if I need to make lengths of tubes for bindings but this is the only time as I prefer the finish of hand stitching.

This takes time and lots of patience and often means that a edging on a brim can take between 2 -4 hours to complete.

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