2689F1BD00000578-2989330-image-a-146_1426082072642 1797374_10153694755733312_5118708653148676044_n Racquel Campbell. Racquel’s starting point was her simple woollen shift dress with the geometric multi coloured squares, so I needed to make sure that the headpiece echoed this. I created stiffened squares and rectangles in various fabrics which were edged in contrast colours. These were then layered with each one being offset to the one underneath, a bow of millinery net on the front with various chenille dots to highlight all of the colours was finished with a multi coloured vintage brooch. To add interest to the side and back of the headpiece more net was added with the chenille dots. A real stand out piece. chelt-colours_3228261k          2689F05200000578-0-image-a-109_1426081980551 Lystra Adams. Lysta chose a Moschino wool suit in light pink wool with a black satin zig zag trim, something that would definitely stand out from the crowd! I wanted to echo the zig zag pattern within the headpiece and the best way to achieve this was with cut feathers, over 100 feathers made up this headpiece. Large feathers adorned the left side of the piece to offer some movement and even more drama! The same feathers adorned both the front and back of the headpiece. 10359546_852345558144787_6773241990105748006_n    2688EB0300000578-2989330-Colourful_A_lady_in_a_particularly_bright_titfer-a-119_1426075419070 Fabulous coverage for all three clients in a variety of paper and online articles including The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Mail and Cotswold Allure.]]>