• Jocelyn

    Hand beaded and embroidered 1920's art deco style sunrise band incorporating diamantes, bugle beads and crystals with diamante droplets
  • Bella

    Hand beaded 1920's style Champagne lace forehead band adorned with diamantes, pearls and crystals with crystal droplets and a ribbon detail.
  • Sydney

    Flapper style 1920's Ivory ostrich feathers adorned with a pearl and diamante brooch mounted onto forehead band with diamantes.
  • Layla

    Delicate embroidered and beaded lace motifs mounted onto a metal comb, perfect for wearing on the side or back of your head to compliment a veil.
  • Nancy

    Large Victorian Styled Percher Top Hat, draped with Ivory Satin and adorned with a large rough cut satin flower with a diamante brooch centre. Extra Large Birdcage veil covering the whole face. Elastic fitting.
  • Latest News

    Large tilt brim covered with newspaper print fabric trimmed with large black coq feathers on the underside and adorned with an antique style flying bird brooch and curled pheasant feathers on top.
    Fitted to a wide band with a comb for extra support.

  • A red spotty tulle net base supporting a variety of silk flowers and elegant grasses with a large daisy on the underside of the brim for a great side focal point. Mounte
  • Bunches of beautiful silk hydrangeas intertwined with gold lame braid with black grass for movement.
  • A bubble crin base for the headpiece allows the poppies to stand out, 3 poppies to the front and 1 on the reverse to give interest all the way around. Large black grasses add plenty of movement for this statement piece that is mounted onto a headband.

  • A rough straw tile brim with a shallow crown adorned with bunches of strawberries and grasses. A large bow gives drama on the underside of the tilt brim.
  • Stunning sinamay tilt brim adorned with spider Chrysanthemums in bold Black and white and a large net bow.
  • A wool felt heart. Part of the lace is hand beaded.shapes pillbox covered with black lace and trimmed with crin and silk bows.
  • Black wool felt coffee bean beret trimmed with a large cocoa rose and large stripped coq feathers.

  • Ivory high slant crown with a blush tilt brim trimmed with natural coq feathers and statement quills.
  • Lady Patsy

    Bright red bespoke hand blocked wool felt hat featuring a slant recessed crown and slant upturned brim. An Irish tweed band around the crown is secured with a circular vintage buckle and adorned with a single curly pheasant feather.
  • A bespoke Irish tweed hat featuring a violet slant crown and tartan mix brim adorned with a brushed metal buckle and tweed bow with added height from two curly pheasant feathers.
  • Symmetrical scooped Wool Felt Cloche style hat edged with contrast petersham ribbon and trimmed with a simple ribbon bow.
  • Hand dyed bubble crin base creating a large tilt brim shape trimmed with a fan of peacock and pheasant feathers. Definitely a headpiece to stand out from the crowd
  • Dahlia

    Ivory pleated crin beret style base adorned with a statement metallic finish Dahlia and bleached peacock swords to give an element of height. Fitted on a thin blonde ribbon wrapped band, perfect for a summer wedding.
  • Bloom

    Traditional ivory paradisal straw button beret base with statement antique roses with hints do pink, blush, pale yellow and red. Finished with statement ivory curls for height and movement. Fitted with a brown slim ribbon wrapped band. This headpiece can be worn on the left or right side.
  • Petal

    Wire and tulle shapes discs create a dramatic base for several statement floss pink roses nestled between the structured shape. For height and movement a spray of floss pink coq feathers finish this piece. This headpiece is fitted with a blonde slim ribbon wrapped band.
  • Violet

    A beret shaped headpiece created from ivory crin, finished the a statement bow looped with ivory satin to give contrast to the overall look. This headpiece is fitted with a wire comb enabling it to be worn on the left or right side of the head.
  • Lavender

    A silver sinamay button beret base encrusted with silver pearls and diamantes forming an abstract butterfly shape. In the centre of the pearls is a large diamanté brooch and two statement ivory arrowhead quills to finish the design. Fitted with a brown ribbon wrapped band, this headpiece can be worn on the left or the right side of them head.
  • Ivy

    Inspired by 1920s Art Deco this headpiece is encrusted with pearls, crystals, seed beads and diamantes creating beautiful swirls and organic shapes which are all hand beaded making this a truly unique piece perfect to compliment a vintage or classic wedding dress. It is fitted with a slim brown ribbon wrapped band and can be worn on the left or right side of the head. Can also be worn with a detachable birdcage or tulle net veil.
  • Bluebell

    A delicate disk headpiece layered with silk and hand dyed champagne lace with the central lace flower motif delicately hand beaded with silver seed beads. Fitted onto a slim brown ribbon wrapped band, it can be worn on the left or right side of the head and with a birdcage or tulle net veil.
  • Primrose

    An oversized ivory satin bow that sits on top of your head. This works perfectly with a shoulder length tulle veil or a full birdcage veil. Fitted onto a slim metal headband.
  • Jasmine

    A small intricately detailed embroidered and beaded lace comb. Large crystals, diamantes and pearls make this the perfect headpiece to sit at the front of the head or at the back in a bun or chignon.
  • Gypsophila

    An intricate lace beaded motif adorned with pearls, diamantes, crystals and gold seed beads fitted onto a metal comb. Works perfectly at the front or the back of the head.
  • Lily

    This dramatic headpiece will certainly draw attention! The upturned cap is created in white satin finished with organza roses and white seed beads, at the back a plume of white coq feathers and stripped crin give some dramatic height. Fitted with a brown slim elastic which allows it to be worn either side or at the front of the head.
  • Birdcage

    Extra Large Birdcage veil covering the whole face. Elastic fitting.
  • Tulip

    An oval headpiece draped with ivory tulle and finished with an Art Deco style sunrise crystal motif. Fitted with a brown slim ribbon wrapped band which can be worn on the left or right side of the head. Pictured here with detachable slant birdcage in ivory.
  • A delicately beaded headpiece with pearls, crystals, diamantes and blush seed beads perfect for blush or pink fabric gowns. Fitted with a blonde ribbon wrapped band which can be worn on either side of the head. Featured here with a detachable slant birdcage.
  • Camelia

    Large organza flower created using hand tinted blush and ivory fabrics and beautiful layering techniques to give the effect of many petals. The centre of the flower is beaded with pearls and crystals. Mounted onto a large comb so it is wearable at the back or side of the head.
  • Bright pink saucer headpiece, trimmed with an aubergine ribbon edge, a single spider chrysanthemum and crin bow. Fitted with a wide blonde band, can be worn on either side of the head.
  • Pansy

    Hand painted crin beret giving a beautiful watercolour effect, finished with a statement bow tied in bright pink organza. Fitted with a black metal headband.
  • Fuschia

    A bright pink organza flower forms the centre of this headpiece, surrounded by black and grey distressed crin and a large bleached black ostrich feather. Nestled around the flower are intricate gold butterflies. Fitted onto a large black headband and a comb for extra support.
  • Buttercup

    Two tone sinamay tilt hat. A gold trilby style deep crown and blush pink tilt brim are trimmed with a simple tulle and lame spotty net bow. (Fits 22 inch head)
  • Poppy

    A black paradisal straw button base with statement large black bubble crin bows, bright orange poppies and small coq feathers. Fitted with brown elastic so it can be worn either side or at the front of the head.
  • Clematis

    Dogtooth cheque wool Percher trimmed with a black edge and ribbon flowers. Fitted with a brown slim ribbon wrapped band that can be worn on the left or right of the head.
  • Anemone

    Electric blue bubble and distressed crin bows and loops which sits high on the head, contrast yellow anemones add a pop of colour front and back. Fitted with a black slim ribbon wrapped band.
  • Lilac

    A large grey wool felt beret adorned with a silver ostrich Pom and diamanté jewel. Fitted with a brown elastic for easy wearing on the side or top of your head.
  • Alium

    Two black straw discs form the base of this headpiece with black crin loops between the two discs. A crin bow with small diamanté brooch forms the base of a statement Lady Amherst feather in place. Fitted with a slim blonde ribbon headband.
  • Iris

    A large teardrop electric blue beret forms the base for plumes of peacock eyes and swords, arrow head quills and curly pheasant feathers. A diamanté and pearl vintage brooch finishes the detailing. Fitted with a brown elastic and can be worn on either side of the head.
  • Marigold

    Bright yellow straw base cut into a dramatic curl and edged in black ribbon adorned with large crin roses and statement black onion grass. Fitted with a brown slim ribbon wrapped band.
  • Small navy blue Percher headpiece. Wool felt small button surrounded with rolled crin and several bows to the back for height. Simple, elegant and lightweight making this a perfect piece for travelling. Fitted with a brown elastic for wear on both sides of the head.
  • Fern

    Trilby style sinamay hat with an animal print crown and bobble brim. Edged and trimmed with black and chocolate petersham ribbon with statement beaded motif. Perfect for summer sporting events ( fits head size 231/2 inches)
  • Carnation

    Red sinamay scoop brim with indented crown, adorned with an array of pink and purple peonies, poppies and roses and surrounded by floss pink coq feathers. Perfect for a summer wedding or day at the races (fits head 22inches)
  • Holly

    A long teardrop beaded hair piece with crystals, diamantes, champagne and gold seed beads for a vintage feel, works perfectly with ivory, champagne and blush gowns. Fitted with a blonde ribbon wrapped band and can be worn with a birdcage or tulle net veil.
  • Peony

    An natural sinamay cap dressed with hand dyed blush feather flowers and a millinery net veil. Fitted with a brown elastic so the headpiece can be worn on either side of the head.
  • Daisy

    A vintage inspired half circlet. Two small lace beaded comb fit on both sides of the head allowing the flexible forehead beads to be tight or loose around the head. Can also be worn at the back of the head in a hair up.
  • Hilton

    This contrast of black trim and white wool felt is perfect to finish any winter outfit whether it be a special occasion or every day with a winter coat and boots.